Electrolyser optimization with a Neovolt Automation System

Neovolt solutions are based on more than 7 years of academic research in the field of water electrolysis and power electronics. Besides an IPR portfolio and 20+ scientific publications our team has a hands-on experience of water electrolysis.

Neovolt Automation System provides remote monitoring and extensive measurement capability of the water electrolyser. 

The system has been developed based on years of experience in industrial water electrolysis. The advanced scientific approaches for electrolyser optimization have been tested under real hydrogen production conditions.

The system continuously tracks the realized performance in hydrogen production and instructs on optimal operation. Moreover, the monitoring system warns of degradation and offers measurement based maintenance to maximize hydrogen production.

electrolyser optimization

Neovolt Automation System includes three solution packages: Process optimizationProcess safety, and System maintenance.

Process optimization focuses on the economic efficiency of gas production. Based on a given level of hydrogen production, the system arranges the most efficient operating profile. Furthermore, the modularity of the system makes it possible to work simultaneously with several production lines and increase the efficiency of the entire plant production by distributing the load in the most rational way.

Process safety solution package monitors the production line in real time using a comprehensive measurement system. Potential threats are detected automatically at an early stage. This way the system makes the operator’s job much easier. This solution reduces the risks of damage to the electrolyser, which can lead to serious economic losses and risk to personnel.

System maintenance obtains production and measurement data. This solution package determines the condition of the production line components and plans necessary maintenance.

The simultaneous operation of all three systems allows the most cost-effective production of hydrogen by water electrolysis. As a result production safety is significantly increased, the risk of equipment failure is reduced, and maintenance is standardised.

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