Water electrolysers and power supply

About Neovolt

Neovolt delivers efficient green hydrogen production and lower operating costs for water electrolyser customers. Our mission is to become technology leader in control and optimization solutions for water electrolysers.

Our solutions are based on more than 8 years of academic research in the field of water electrolysis and power electronics. Besides an IPR portfolio and 20+ scientific publications our team has a strong track record.

Alkaline water electrolyser

Efficient green hydrogen production

Neophy is a software solution for remote online monitoring and analysis of water electrolyser systems over their lifetime. Neophy provides performance and condition reports, updates operational constraints for safe plant operation, instructs on maintenance and optimal operation. This way it can allow the lowest hydrogen production cost and the highest plant availability.

Overall, Neophy includes three solution packages: Process optimizationProcess safety, and System maintenance. Developed algorithms have been tested on several hydrogen production lines.

Process optimization system defines the most efficient operating profile, being capable to work simultaneously with several production lines and increase the efficiency of the entire plant production by distributing the load in the most rational way.

Process safety solution package monitors the production line in real time using a comprehensive measurement system. As a result, potential threats are detected automatically at an early stage.

System maintenance obtains production and measurement data. This solution package determines the condition of the production line components and plans necessary maintenance.


Our team

Neovolt has a team of 5 people with an extensive background in research on water electrolysis, power electronics, and control systems.

Moreover, we have a proven track record — providing consultancy on hydrogen plant EPC, designing power supply systems, analysing and improving the efficiency of existing hydrogen production plants. 

We collaborate with leading OEMs to guarantee our customers the latest available technology, reliable equipment and global reach.